Sinmar Company Ltd (Print & pack) exclusively represents renowned brands such as Citronix ( USA) world leaders in Continuous Inkjet Technology and MACSA ( SPAIN) - world leaders in Laser Printing Technology & Squid Ink (USA) - DOD printers in Saudi Arabia.

1. Citronix (USA) - Ink Jet printers

Industrial Inkjet Printers are used for printing variable data such as production and expiry dates, batch numbers, serial numbers, code numbers, Real time & date printing, for printing alpha – numerical characters ( Text), messages etc… on to any substrates / surfaces such as plastic, glass, tin, film, steel, paper, wood. These printers are widely used in Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Building Materials manufacturing industries. Demand for coding and marking equipment in worldwide is growing rapidly since demand for printers is directly linked to manufacturing growth. Tighter regulations on product traceability, increasing automation in production lines, growth in retail market requirements for better product appearance & packaging will all lead to increased usages of industrial inkjet printers in our day to day life

Since we are the exclusive distributor for Citronix (USA), we are fully responsible for all your Citronix Printers support in terms of Supply of original fluids (Inks, Make Up & Wash) and spare parts ( these will be labeled by Original Manufacturers labels and in original packing) as well as service & maintenance. Our trained engineers are fully capable of handling any issues related to Citronix printers.

A company’s reputation is very closely related to the reliability of their products. The more reliable a product is, the more likely the company is to have a favorable reputation. High reliability is a mandatory requirement for customer satisfaction. Increased production down time, replacements & repair costs will negatively affect profits as well as gain an unwanted negative attention to inkjet printers. We would like to emphasis here that “Non quality fluids and spare parts usage will increase down time and thereby maintenance costs. Also will have adverse effect on printer performance and will eventually lead to premature printer failures”. As an exclusive distributor, we always concentrate all our efforts towards improved reliability, shows existing customers that we are serious about our product support and customer satisfaction. This positive attitude has earned a positive impact in our business by increased number of repeat business.

2. MACSA (Spain) - Laser Coding and Marking systems

MACSA ( Spain) the leader in industrial laser coding and marking equipment has designed custom solutions for over 25 years of experience in laser technology and more than 70 distributors around the world ready to offer the right solutions to customer demands. Macsa technology is present in highly productive sectors in more than 70 countries.

Laser marking: This technology is characterized by being environmentally friendly, not using consumables being reliable and permanent and also being flexible to the needs of various customers.

It can work without losing quality over a wide range of surfaces: Metals, Ceramics, Laminates, Plastics, Wood, Fabric or Card board.

Macsa (Spain) is a leading global supplier of coding and marking laser equipment and label printer applications .It supplies customers including multinationals and OEMs in packaged goods and industrial markets worldwide. Macsa's Laser product ranges includes CO2, YAG and fibre lasers.

  • CO2 range include the iCON Laser Coder, a cost effective alternative to continuous inkjet printers
  • YAG and Fibre lasers include the NANO industrial lasers: attractive and all in one alternative to more expensive systems. Macsa products are well known for its competiveness and are easy to install.

3. Squid Ink Inc ( USA) - Coding and Marking Solutions

Squid Ink (USA) specializes in the manufacture of industrial inkjet printers and high quality industrial inkjet inks for the packaging industry. Squid Ink Inc (USA) products and services are designed to provide reliable cost effective solutions to your industrial applications. Squid ink has relied on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the inkjet industry to design a full family of Large Character and High resolution printing systems (Mainly focusing on to corrugated outer cases, Steel and Pipe industries etc...) Additionally Squid has been able to formulate the most comprehensive line of Hi Resolution, Piezo, and large character fluids in the product identification market today.

Squid Ink (USA) carries various product ranges includes

  • Hi Resolution Printers (Carton coding)
  • DOD large Character Printers (Cost effective, Carton coding)
  • Thermal Transfer Over printers
  • UV LED curing systems (for Faster drying applications mainly on plastics)


Ci 3200 ( Continuous Inkjet made affordable)
The Citronix Ci3200 is a smart-featured continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing system. Designed to meet a broad range of applications, the Ci3200 features the most common needed function and capabilities necessary for the typical identification lot/date code, sell-by date printing application.
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Ci 3500 ( Continuous Inkjet Printing System)

The Citronix Ci3500 prints up to a 31 pixel image providing five lines of text, graphics and barcodes. Automatic ink viscosity control provides minimal user intervention and long term reliable operation. Ethernet with integrated internet web browser interface and RS232/RS485 provide communication options…
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Ci 3650 ( Continuous Inkjet Printing System)

The Ci3650 IP65 ( Nema 4) system is designed specifically to operate in extreme applications such as dust or wash down production environments. With a positive air pressurized enclosure and printhead there are no entry points for dust or water.
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iCON: Compact CO2 Lasers

The iCON CO2 laser is a compact, clean, fast and easy to use CO2 laser coder. An attractive alternative to continuous inkjet for small character coding.

iCON CO2 lasers use no ink. This means very low costs: no consumables budget and no ink system to maintain. And no ink means no mess and a cleaner, more hygienic production environment. Furthermore iCON lasers are intrinsically reliable: that means no breakdowns and low maintenance charges. Now price is no longer a reason not to use a laser for small character coding. iCON lasers delivers top quality performance at a competitive price. They are small and compact and easy to install even in the most difficult locations. And because they are lasers they can code onto both stationary and moving products. An external controller can be connected if necessary.

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K Series: CO2 Lasers

The K series range of CO2 lasers includes power, speed and other options to meet the needs of most companies which require to code their packaging.

K series CO2 lasers are utility lasers which work with paper, board, glass and a wide range of plastics. They are used by manufacturers of packaged goods and industrial products to code and mark their products. Customers can choose from a range of power and speed and other options to get the right product at the right price for their specific needs. K series lasers are easy to install and integrate. They are equipped with an on-board computer making an external PC unnecessary and are easy to network. They are easy to use: they use Marca software to code and mark precisely and consistently. IP65 variants are available for damp and dusty environments.

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Squid Ink (USA)

DOD Printer Autopilot

The Auto Pilot Hi-Resolution Printing System

Squid Ink’s Auto Pilot printing system will print up to .7″ of hi-resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great looking logos. Users can run up to two print heads from a single touchscreen controller to maximize efficiency and print on opposite sides of a case if needed. The Auto Pilot is capable of running oil-based or solvent-based inks to print on a variety of substrates. Best of all, Auto Pilot’s 180 dpi print resolution meets your application needs for quality coding and marking.

Versatile Print Options

Squid Ink introduces the Autopilot™ printing system, a feature-rich hi-resolution printing system available at an entry level price. Squid Ink’s Autopilot printing system offers several advantages over competitive HP® or Lexmark® – based printing systems. With the Autopilot, users can expect 30% larger print, the ability to upgrade to a 2nd print head, message programming via touchscreen user panel, the ability to print bar codes with standard systems, the ability to print on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, and much more.
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Squid Ink (USA)

DOD Printer Scorpion

The SQ/2 Scorpion Drop on Demand Large Character Printing System

The SQ/2 Scorpion industrial large character ink jet printer includes upgraded software delivering more features. SQ/2 Scorpion users have the option of choosing from several print head configurations. Five different print head sizes are available, offering 12 print sizes ranging in height from 3/8″ up to 1 3/4″. The 1600 Series print heads offer split-line capability and the option of printing full-size characters or half-size characters with the same print head.

Versatile Print Options

SQ/2 Scorpion users have the option of choosing from several print head configurations. Five different print sizes are available: 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” or 1-3/4” character height. All print heads are capable of printing at 100% or 70% character height, offering 12 print sizes ranging from 1/4” to 1-3/4” in height. The 1” and 1-3/4” (1600 Series) print heads even offer split-line capability and the option of printing full-size characters or half-size characters with the same print head.
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