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We , Sinmar Company Limited (Print & pack) exclusively represents renowned brands such as Citronix ( USA) - world leaders in Continuous Inkjet Technology and MACSA ( SPAIN) - world leaders in Laser Printing Technology in Saudi Arabia.

Industrial Inkjet Printers are used for printing variable data such as production and expiry dates, batch numbers, serial numbers, code numbers, Real time & date printing, for printing alpha – numerical characters ( Text), messages etc… on to any substrates / surfaces such as plastic, glass, tin, film, steel, paper, wood. These printers are widely used in Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Building Materials manufacturing industries. Demand for coding and marking equipment in world wide is growing rapidly since demand for printers is directly linked to manufacturing growth. Tighter regulations on product traceability, increasing automation in production lines, growth in retail market requirements for better product appearance & packaging will all lead to increased usages of industrial inkjet printers in our day to day life.

Since we are the exclusive distributor for Citronix ( USA), we are fully responsible for all your Citronix Printers support in terms of Supply of original fluids ( Inks, Make Up & Wash) and spare parts ( these will be labeled by Original Manufacturers labels and in original packing) as well as service & maintenance. Our trained engineers are fully capable of handling any issues related to Citronix printers.

A company’s reputation is very closely related to the reliability of their products. The more reliable a product is, the more likely the company is to have a favorable reputation. High reliability is a mandatory requirement for customer satisfaction. Increased production down time, replacements & repair costs will negatively affect profits as well as gain an unwanted negative attention to inkjet printers. We would like to emphasis here that “ Non quality fluids and spare parts usage will increase down time and thereby maintenance costs. Also will have adverse effect on printer performance and will eventually lead to premature printer failures”. As an exclusive distributor, we always concentrate all our efforts towards improved reliability, shows existing customers that we are serious about our product support and customer satisfaction. This positive attitude has earned a positive impact in our business by increased number of repeat business.


Ci580 ( Continuous Inkjet made affordable)

The Citronix Ci580 is a smart-featured continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing system. Designed to meet a broad range of applications, the Ci580 features the most common needed function and capabilities necessary for the typical identification lot/date code, sell-by date printing application.